Yprema improves the inactivity rate of its equipment by 13%.

Yprema has innovation and sustainable development in its DNA. Specialized in the recycling of deconstruction materials, with more than one million tons of materials recovered each year, Yprema is also a forerunner in its way of working, practicing the four-day week for over 25 years.
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36 heavy equipment
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Heavy equipment, telematics, TPMS
Île-de-France, Finistère, Normandy, Grand Est
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⛽️ 52 920 liters
of GNR saved
🌱 167 tons
of CO2e saved
💰 100 000 €
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The challenge

Each year, Yprema submits a sustainable development report with a follow-up of all its consumption, including the quantity of fuel, water and electricity used. In 2020, Yprema wanted to have a specific follow-up on its GNR consumption to control its budget and optimize its expenses. Thanks to Yprema's innovative DNA, the company quickly set up an action plan to reduce the consumption of their equipment.

Plan to reduce the consumption

1. Renew the equipment fleet with less energy-consuming equipment.

2. Equip themselves with a tool to monitor the consumption of the machines thanks to the data emitted by the equipment.

Yprema relies on its equipment supplier, the rental company Bergerat Rent, for the renewal of its fleet and is testing several solutions for data monitoring in parallel, a manufacturer's platform and a hardware solution to connect the machines.

The obstacles encountered

  • The experiment on the manufacturer platform was hindered by its complexity, and the difficulty to obtain and understand the information, requiring technical expertise, a good level of English and exporting the information to Excel.
  • The hardware solution was not suitable, as it did not allow the retrieval of data from several brands of machines, and required the installation of a device for the data feedback from the machines.

Hiboo presented itself as a good alternative to these obstacles: a multi-brand solution that was easy to use. Yprema naturally chose Hiboo.

"The major challenge is to reduce our consumption, our environmental impact and therefore to reduce our costs. Today, we have to change our mentalities, we have to produce less and better, a real challenge for our business."
Angélique Robineau, Purchasing and Equipment Director, Yprema

The solution

Thanks to the "Sharing" service proposed by Hiboo, Bergerat Rent was able to share the data of its machines rented to Yprema. For Yprema, it was simple, no need to deploy devices on the equipment, all the machines are natively connected and the data emitted by the equipment are compiled and visible on a single platform. Yprema's first need to monitor consumption is handled in a very simple way on Hiboo:

  • The consumption data and the idle rates of the equipment are centralized.
  • All site managers have access to the data on the web or on their phone and can act directly in the field to reduce the consumption linked to the idling of the machines.
  • The platform is in French and can be read by everyone.
"Hiboo came to train the users on site, very quickly our teams were able to take the tool in hand and it was understood by all. This was essential for the product to be adopted and for everyone to be involved."
Angélique Robineau, Purchasing and Equipment Director, Yprema

The result

Reduction of the idling rate from 30% to 16.5%

As of 2021, Yprema is closely monitoring the idling rate of its machines. The company quickly identifies areas for improvement and raises the awareness of its teams. By the end of 2022, Yprema has succeeded in reducing the average idling rate of its machines from 30% to 16.5%, which represents: 52,920 liters of GNR and €70,000 in savings, the equivalent of 24 minutes less idling per day per equipment and, 167 tons of CO2, the equivalent of 96 round trips between Paris and New York by plane. Thanks to the wealth of information, Yprema has gone further in the use of data. Since the end of 2022, Yprema has been visualizing tire data on the Hiboo platform for a first batch of machines, and the results are already visible.

"A machine is a whole unit: to have a true view of consumption, it not only means to monitor the fuel, but it is also all the elements that generate overconsumption. It's the idle rate, the tire pressure... and all this information is now available on Hiboo."
Angélique Robineau, Purchasing and Equipment Director, Yprema

Monitoring tire data to avoid extra costs

Following this logic of approaching the machine as a whole, Yprema naturally turned its attention to TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) data, which is now integrated in a number of equipment.

💡 20% under-inflation means 25% reduction in tire life and 7% over-consumption.

The data quickly highlighted some critical aspects, such as an imbalance in tire pressure. This allowed Yprema to collaborate with a tire supplier GCS (Génie Civil Services) on a common basis.

More than €100,000 of costs were waived in one go thanks to the monitoring of fault codes

Although Yprema benefits from a long-term rental solution that includes maintenance, it is key for the company to monitor engine anomalies. The challenge is to quickly identify anomalies that could lead to machine downtime. For example, abnormal driving can lead to overheating of the axles, an essential part of a construction machine that transmits the driving force from the engine to the wheels on the same axle. This is what happened to Yprema before the monitoring of machine anomalies. The breakage of the bridge resulted in repair costs, operating losses and the occasional rental of another machine of more than €100,000.This year, the operations manager, Mr. Christophe BARROSO, encountered a similar problem with a 966M loader. Thanks to Hiboo, he was able to identify the serious fault code and act immediately before the breakdown.

A better allocation of the machines to respect the contractual obligations

Within the contractual framework between Yprema and its rental company Bergerat Rent, Yprema is bound to a certain number of hours of usage for each machine over a given period. Yprema uses the machine data to check the progress rate of its rented machines and thus avoid overruns by adapting their operation.

💡 Progress rate: comparison between the actual use and the contracted use of the machine.

In this context, data also becomes a means for Yprema to communicate with its service providers using a common database (Hiboo), in order to co-construct and improve together.

Data monitoring is now a pillar of Yprema's strategy to reduce the consumption and emissions of its equipment.

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