Hiboo for Equipment
Rental Companies

Take control of your equipment data to optimise invoicing, adjust inventories and create a new data offer to your key accounts

Collect your equipment data and unlock new business models.

Offer your clients the ability to view your rented equipment data in order to have a global view of their exploitation.
Equipment Analytics

Secure your equipment & generate more income

Get full visibility of your equipment locations, activities...

Receive real time alerts for any unusual activity

Be notified for any abnormal use: equipment out of a defined area, equipment over utilisation, and more.

Optimise your agencies stock management

Use equipment turnover and usage reports to adjust and improve your inventory management.

Monitor engine's faults, lower maintenance bills

Access engine fault codes and react instantly before any breakdowns.

Asset profil dashboard from Hiboo platform
Hiboo, send me a list of the most critical fault codes emitted last week ⚠️
Map with construction equipment tracked from Hiboo platform
Hiboo, show me Toulouse agency's inventory 🚜
Equipment Management

View all your equipment in one place

Help your teams never lose sight of their equipment

Digitalize your inventory, keep it up to date

Eliminate manual data entry. Build an inventory that updates automatically.

Create workspaces adapted to your organisation

Personnalise workspaces matching your internal structure: agencies, entities, regions... whichever makes the most sense.

Access data that matters to you specifically

Whether your company has 5 or 5,000 employees, provide your teams with value-added data in their field of activity.

Equipment Signal

Free your data, win new call for tenders with a digital offer

Enrich your offer, free the data of your rented equipment

Connect to every single equipment — at once

Whether it is heavy equipment, trucks, vehicles or sensors, Hiboo allows you to view your data with a flip of a switch.

Visualise your entire fleet on a personalised map

See at a glance on a digital map which part of your fleet is rented and which part is dormant.

Acquire more clients offering a new digital offer

Provide your customers with access to the data of their leased equipment for a complete view of their operations.

Construction site with multiple heavy equipment
Hiboo, what is the material carried in these dumpers? 🔎
Illustration of Hiboo collecting equipment data and pushing it into SAP information system
Hiboo, am I receiving data from CAT AEMP 2.0 data source? 🤔
Equipment Sync

Create interoperability between your systems

Push accurate data into your existing tools and enrich them

Build your preventive maintenance plans

Feed your maintenance tools with dynamic data to adjust controls and work orders based on real time information.

Secure data sharing with your end customers

Free your data via Hiboo’s secure channel and allow your clients to safely collect data from the equipment they are renting.

Access data from your partners’ equipment

Get a full comprehension of your asset management by viewing data from your partners’ equipment.

Get started effortlessly

Start connecting your data from over 90 data sources