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Take full control of your equipment data and create interoperability between your systems with our developer friendly API

One API. One integration. Infinite possibilities.

Consolidate all data from scattered sources and applications into a single tool.
Equipment Signal

Centralise all of your equipment data from any sources

Use our actively maintained integration to collect your data

Connect to any data sources using one unique connector

Hiboo allows you to connect to an expanding list of data sources through our user friendly API.

Eliminate tedious data treatment and maintenance

Hiboo adapts to changes in manufacturer data sources in order to provide consistently clean and parsed data.

Benefit secured data transmission and storage

Protect the confidentiality and accessibility of your data. All data transmitted between Hiboo and our users is strongly protected.

Hiboo, when was the last time I received data from Komtrax? 📆
Illustration of Hiboo collecting equipment data and pushing it into SAP information system
Hiboo, collect my equipment data from all Doosan data sources 🧩
Equipment Sync

Use dynamic data to feed your existing systems (ERP, GMAO,etc.)

Give your teams reliable data to make the best decisions

Build preventive maintenance schedule

Anticipate risks and adjust work orders based on critical anomalies (DTCS) fed into your maintenance system.

Connect Hiboo with your information systems

Create strong interoperability and unlock endless opportunities using your existing tools.

Protect your data confidentiality & accessibility

Hiboo works in close relationship with manufacturers and data providers to ensure that security best practices are enforced and that our data exchanges are secured.

Equipment Management

Build an accurate and digital inventory of your fleet

Gone are the days of manual data entry, focus on what matters

Build a digital inventory that updates itself

Eliminate manual data entry. Access an inventory that updates automatically.

Create workspace adapted to your organisation

Analyse your equipment operations creating different angles of analysis: by specific projects, construction or maintenance sites, you set the limit!

Access data from rented equipment

Get a complete picture of your fleet exploitation by viewing data from your rented equipment.

Construction site with multiple heavy equipment
Hiboo, export my inventory 📤

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