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Your fleet sends out tones of data creating a storm of information difficult to use. Hiboo helps you identify which is valuable.

Run your fleet

Hiboo's platform makes sense of your equipment data and delivers a complete new way to visualise and manage your fleet and job sites operations.

Use Analytics

What gets measured, gets done! Hiboo helps you track your progress overtime or identify areas of improvements with reports and dashboards.

Feed your Apps

Integrate once. Enable infinite opportunities. Use our developer friendly API to feed your systems, such as SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure...

Everything You Need in One Spot

Collect, standardise, and activate your equipment data to run your jobsites, inventory, maintenance and more
construction industry

Visualise ALL your equipment data

Hiboo helps you get to a whole new level of competitiveness using the power of your existing equipment data

Visualise your entire fleet on a unique map

Connect to your heavy equipment, trucks, vehicles, IoT & sensors, all at once and keep tabs on your projects of all sizes.

Improve your productivity, operations & CO2 emissions

Use your equipment metrics. Create a performance benchmark of your equipment through data and build your guideline.

Digitalize your fleet and take control of your data

Get the full picture of your fleet, connect once and build your inventory’s digital twin. No maintenance & no manual data entry.

Construction site with excavator
Hiboo, what is my fleet idling rate for the last year? 🤔
Construction site with multiple heavy equipment
Hiboo, do I have an available bulldozer near Lille? 📍
REntal industry

Track your rental equipment. Get the whole story

Eliminate once and for all the gap between what is contractual and the reality of the field

Access all your fleet activities in one place

Don’t stay in the dark, visualise your equipment activities and receive monthly reports to identify areas of improvement.

Improve your agencies stock management

Build a fully digitalized inventory and access equipment turnover & usage reports.

Prevent from theft & non-contractual utilisation

Get real time alerts sent to you and your team for any non-contractual ues, or if your equipment is being moved out of a defined zone.

CIO & IT Teams

Accurate data straight from the field to your own tools

Empower your teams to make the best decisions based on reliable equipment data.

Centralise & control all of your data from any sources

Hiboo collects data from over 50 data sources enabling you to access and use all of your data in one place.

Build an accurate digital inventory of your fleet

Say no more to maual data entry. Access an inventory that updates automatically.

Use dynamic data to feed your information systems

Get a constant flow of uniform, clean and complete data fed into your information systems (SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure...).

Card displaying a hydraulic Excavator usage data
Hiboo, show me my integrations status ✅

Built to empower every fleet

 Re-invent the way operations are managed based on reliable data from all equipment
Transportation, logistics & waste

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Start connecting your data with Hiboo and feed your existing tools
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« With Hiboo's support, we have reduced our idle time rate from 34% in 2019 to 28% in 2022, and we are aiming to reach 20% in the mid term. »
Thierry Robert
Fleet Director, NGE Group
« Since the implementation of the Hiboo solution, we have reduced the loss of sensitive equipment by 95%. The return on investment was very quick. »
David Demesure
Senior Business Manager, Engie
« Thanks to Hiboo we can measure downtime by equipment's category. This is essential to optimize our productivity. »
Alain Bignon
Fleet Director, Vinci Construction Terrassement
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Start measuring your equipment CO₂ emissions to reach your decarbonation goal and stay competitive!

Use your equipment data to reach your decarbonation goal and stay competitive!

construction equipment CO2 emissions data

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What data does Hiboo collect?
What if my equipment is not connected?

Resources for understanding your data

Curated content to help you learn how to use data to drive equipment operations.

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