SUEZ: Vernéa, a subsidiary of the group, decarbonises the activities of its equipment

For nearly a year, Hiboo has been supporting SUEZ in the challenge the group has set itself to reduce the CO₂ emissions generated by its equipment and to optimise its industrial performance.
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In order to meet the increasingly pressing environmental challenges, SUEZ, a true pioneer in sustainable resource management, is committed to developing and implementing innovative solutions to reduce its carbon footprint. To achieve this goal, the group has therefore chosen to partner with Hiboo in order to reduce the CO₂ emissions of its equipment fleet thanks to the usage data transcribed on the platform. Vernéa, a subsidiary of SUEZ, has thus become one of the first companies to adopt the tool for this purpose.

As a multi-sector recycling and valorisation site, Vernéa is committed to a continuous improvement approach to reduce the carbon impact of its activities and improve its energy consumption. Certified ISO 50 001 (energy management) and ISO 14 001 (environmental management), the Site faces major challenges such as reducing its CO₂ emissions, its compliance with ISO standards and optimising its operational performance.

"Before I discovered Hiboo, I thought that the potential improvements in terms of fuel management and greenhouse gas emission reduction were marginal. I saw it as an imposed constraint and didn't believe that it was possible to improve the situation."
David Raynaud, Operations Manager


In September 2022, the site begins to use Hiboo platform, which centralises all the data emitted by the manufacturer's telematics systems for its connected equipment. The challenge was to use the analysis reports consolidated by Hiboo to identify areas for improvement and implement an action plan to optimise and control the impact of the use of its machines.Vernéa's teams quickly saw the opportunity to improve the equipment's consumption and CO2 emissions thanks to the analysis of idling rates* reported on the Hiboo platform.

Machine idle time is the time a machine spends running at low speed without performing any manoeuvre or action.

David Raynaud, Operations Manager of the Vernéa site, mobilised his team to reduce the idling rate of his machines. To achieve this, an action plan was put in place which included: raising drivers' awareness (1), identifying abnormal behaviour (2) and setting up a weekly exchange with his team to analyse performance (3).

"We realised that it was possible to really reduce our consumption thanks to Hiboo. Initially, I thought we would only have an overview of our consumption, without any real benefits. However, when we started to analyse the data on the platform, we started to question and reflect on the subject."
David Raynaud, Operations Manager


43% reduction in idling, a gain of 42 minutes per day

Thanks to the use of the Hiboo platform, Vernéa has achieved results far beyond initial expectations. By exploiting the transcribed data, individual behaviours were indeed highlighted and a healthy emulation was established between the teams to improve their performance.

Hiboo was instrumental in highlighting the potential gains in idle optimisation, fuel consumption and therefore CO₂ emissions.

In just eight months, the SUEZ Group subsidiary managed to reduce the idling rate of its machines from 33% to 19%. In concrete terms, for the five equipment concerned, this reduction in the idling rate represents 42 minutes less idling time per day. This saved more than 8 tons of CO₂, the equivalent of 5 round trips from Paris to New York by plane.

Optimizing on-site performance and facilitating reporting

Vernéa saw beyond SUEZ's main objective of reducing greenhouse gases and credentialed an opportunity to improve its on-site performance. By leveraging machine operating time data, Vernéa discovered an organisational malfunction that was hampering activity planning and reducing machine efficiency.

Also, the platform simplifies ISO-compliant reporting by providing accurate data and reports showing the continuous evolution of energy and environmental performance.

"Thanks to Hiboo, we are able to demonstrate that we are committed to continuous improvement to meet ISO environmental and energy standards by providing concrete data on our results."
David Raynaud, Operations Manager

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