The Lhotellier Group optimises the use of its equipment with Hiboo

The Lhotellier group chose Hiboo to better monitor their equipment, reduce fuel consumption and optimise their total cost of ownership.
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The Lhotellier group is a family business, with years of sustained growth. The company has recently adopted a Mission Statement, which is based on strong commitments, oriented towards the human factor, active participation in the service of the territories and the maintenance of expertise in collaboration with its clients. This will be reinforced by implementing a CSR approach.

Accordingly, the Lhotellier Group, which has 1,800 references and 60% of its fleet on wheels, has chosen Hiboo to optimize their operations and meet the following challenges:

  • reduce fuel consumption and therefore CO₂ emissions through the idle rate,
  • improve equipment knowledge and monitoring,
  • maximize profits by optimizing fleet occupancy rates,
  • reinforce safety.

The solution with Hiboo

The first contact between Hiboo and the Lhotellier group took place in 2020. The company has partenered with Hiboo to consolidate their entire fleet’s data collected from any source into a single platform. The main reason was to gain insights on asset operating conditions, particularly in two key areas, idle rate and occupancy. The group initially had a certain amount of data, but from different manufacturers' platforms, hence not that easy to run. The all-in-one platform designed by Hiboo, brings all the data together from any source. Lhotellier have now easy access to the right data to keep track of its fleet and monitor productivity on site.

"We needed to improve our machines’ knowledge and tracking to reinforce safety, to reduce fuel consumption and especially to optimize the profitability of the equipment."
Christophe Gaudillot, VP, Director of Innovation & Equipment at Lhotellier


Reduce consumption through idle rate

Using Hiboo, the Lhotellier Group is able to efficiently use data from 147 connected equipment, including idle rate data, which has already enabled them to highlight certain areas of improvement. The two partners aim to reach 230 to 250 machines by the end of 2022 in order to have a more global view on the idling rate of their fleet.

"The goal is to progressively use our equipment data in jobs where it was not used. Today, information is starting to flow with monthly equipment usage reports (consumption, breakdown rate, idle rate) by branch and by entity. This information is shared with the operations in each branch. And everyone is asking for it! "
Frédéric Bialorucki, Director of Materials & Workshops at Lhotellier

Analyse the use of equipment

For the Lhotellier group, one of the first interests of the data provided by Hiboo was to facilitate the location of equipment that are at a standstill, a feature that will be implemented in September 2022. It is now possible to check, before renting a new machine, that another one is not available nearby. Gwenaëlle Dupont, Data manager, uses the Hiboo platform to measure very precisely the idle rate, the utilization rate, the geolocation, the fuel consumption, with the objective of progressively integrating these data in the CMMS software of the Lhotellier Group.

"In just a few months, Hiboo has succeeded in establishing itself among the management, but also among the technicians who work in our mechanical workshops. Its technologies fit perfectly into the digitalization process of our group."
Christophe Gaudillot, VP, Director of Innovation & Equipment at Lhotellier

Assess equipment TCO*

The Lhotellier group wants to use the fault codes data more effectively. Combined with other data, this information can lead to accurate learnings such as assessing the cost of ownership of equipment.

*total cost of ownership

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