NGE reduces its idle rate and CO₂ emissions with Hiboo

By using their equipment data, NGE managed to reduce their idle rate from 34% in 2019 to 28% in 2022.
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⛽️ 268,000
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CSR is a key part of NGE's strategy, especially with the carbon footprint of its worksites and the fuel consumption of its equipment. The company has accordingly committed to reducing its CO₂ emissions by 4% per year by 2030. This involves in large part its equipment, machinery and vehicles, which account for 85% of its emissions.

The company has accordingly committed to reducing its CO₂ emissions by 4 % per year by 2030.

NGE's fleet of equipment includes more than 16,000 items worldwide, listed in the Pharos software, including 4,000 pieces of rolling production equipment: utility vehicles, earthmovers, bulldozers, excavators, loaders, quarry equipment, heavy-duty trucks, etc. These equipment come from over 20 different manufacturers, which, without a single platform like the one offered by Hiboo, means that each of these machines has to be connected to their reference platforms.

The solution with Hiboo

NGE chose Hiboo to collect and use all its equipment data in order to measure and reduce the idling rate of its machines and thus:

  • reduce fuel consumption,
  • reduce CO₂ emissions.

Based on all the data collected by Hiboo, NGE can also accurately localize equipment, analyze and exploit equipment fault codes to set up preventive maintenance. Today, 2,570 NGE machines are connected to the Hiboo platform.

"The objective of our collaboration with Hiboo was to benefit from a unique, multi-brand and homogeneous data platform."
Thierry Robert, Equipment Director at NGE


NGE reduces emissions from its connected equipment by 850 tons

NGE can access relevant information about all the fleet equipment, (usage rate, idle rate, localization, fuel consumption) and take the required measures to optimize the management and cost of its equipment. Soon after the platform’s implementation, the flow of data has become easily accessible. The company managed to reduce the idle rate of 620 equipment from 34% in 2019 to 28% in 2022. It matches an annual fuel consumption saving of 90,000 liters which is equivalent to 283 tons of CO₂ saved every year.

The company managed to reduce its equipment idle rate from 34% in 2019 to 28% in 2022

Hiboo also made it easier for NGE to track its fleet, since the platform brings together all the data from equipment from different manufacturers on a single platform. It perfectly meets the purpose of the project. Further, the collaboration also led to few mindset shifts and behavior within NGE's teams, particularly regarding eco-driving, idle rates and, more generally, the clarity and transparency of information exchanges within the company.

"Most businesses are starting to use this data. Site supervisors, branch managers, and the entire equipment service chain can access the data generated by Hiboo, which is linked to our CMMS and worksite monitoring tools."
Julien Pujol, Equipment Manager at NGE

A data interface tailored to the uses of the different zones

NGE wants to further expand the scope of data use and increase the number of the connected devices to the Hiboo platform. This will include expensive accessories whose location is not always accurate. As part of our collaboration, NGE has played an important role in the evolution of Hiboo and its products. The group is also working on some enhancements by analyzing the “fault codes”, which will ultimately provide a better understanding of the use of equipment by trade and monitoring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by machine and by site.

"With Hiboo we create regional dashboards to measure our carbon emissions and meet our environmental commitments."
Matthieu de Vitton, Equipment Ingineer at NGE

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