CRH's Eqiom Aggregates, reduces costs through equipment usage data analysis

The CRH Group subsidiary measures the performance of its equipment on Hiboo's platform to reduce downtime and cut costs.
Aggregate processing
fleet size
130 equipment
connected sources
Heavy equipment, TPMS
North-East Region, France
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📈 31 to 22 %
downtime reduction
⏳ 27 min
saved per equipment per day
🌍 138 tons
CO₂e saved
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Eqiom Aggregates, a subsidiary of the CRH Group, manages a fleet of 130 machines and faces challenges related to performance management. Initially, the company ran manual reports to monitor consumption and plan equipment renewal. As technology advanced, Eqiom Aggregates began to use equipment data on Liebherr, Volvo, Komatsu and CAT platforms. However, the differences between these platforms made it very difficult to read and understand the data.

At the same time, Eqiom Aggregates realised that machine idling had a significant impact on operating costs. The challenge was clear: reduce the idling of equipment to optimise their investments. Faced with this challenge, Eqiom Aggregates was looking for a simple solution to centralise all equipment data, thus simplifying performance analysis.

"Before Hiboo, we depended on Liebherr, Volvo, Komatsu, and CAT platforms to analyse our equipment data. The disparity between these platforms, both in terms of visual presentation and available data, was a real challenge."
Denis Marquet, Technical Projects and Performance Manager


It was through an equipment rental company that the CRH group subsidiary discovered the Hiboo solution, which enables them to centralise all the telemetry data of their equipment on a single platform.

It was therefore the aspect of improving industrial performance that led Eqiom Aggregates to choose Hiboo. Thanks to the platform, the subsidiary of the CRH Group, wanted to reduce machine hours that have no added value, meaning non-productive hours, to reduce costs, consumption and CO₂ emissions.

"In my field of action, I have to optimise the performance of all our equipment. To do this, I need to measure, because you can't improve what you don't measure."
Denis Marquet, Technical Projects and Performance Manager

Targeted idling rate monitoring

The Hiboo platform allows Eqiom Aggregates to distribute access to equipment usage data to different agencies, grouping several departments. This allows site managers to focus on the relevant information within their scope of action. Thanks to this visibility, they can compare idle performance by branch in a targeted and efficient manner, and implement optimisation actions.

Lowered idling rate by 30% in just 5 months

Eqiom Aggregates managed to reduce the idling rate of equipment from 31% to 22% between December 2022 and April 2023. This reduction represents a saving of 27 minutes of idling per machine per day in 5 months, for the 78 machines connected to the platform. The reduction in the idling rate has also reduced CO₂ emissions by 138 tonnes, which is equivalent to 80 Paris-New York round trips by plane.

Machine connectivity management and future prospects

Eqiom Aggregates now tracks the level of connectivity of its fleet of equipment with Hiboo and ensures that 100% of connected equipment transmits data. This is a key element for the company in order not to lose control of the equipment performance. Whenever a connectivity problem occurs, Eqiom can instantly share the information with its supplier, saving time and money on manual analysis.

"Thanks to Hiboo, we know which equipment is transmitting data and which is not. Without Hiboo, we can't really know the level of connectivity of our fleet. And if we lose connectivity, we risk not receiving important information from the machine."
Denis Marquet, Technical Projects and Performance Manager

Eqiom Aggregates plans to use TPMS data through Hiboo's integration with Goodyear to optimise tyre management and further reduce costs and fuel consumption.

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