CDL adopts Hiboo for a sustainable and efficient fleet management

With 41 agencies across France and a fleet of over 20,000 units, CDL faced a twofold challenge: on the one hand, to optimize the dispatch and delivery of its equipment, while at the same time measuring and reducing its impact on the environment.
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Prior to working with Hiboo, CDL - a leading equipment rental company for the construction, public works and maintenance sectors - had to deal with a number of major challenges. The complexity of accurately measuring the carbon footprint of their vast fleet, and the growing need for customers to understand and reduce their own environmental impact. “An increasing number of companies in the construction and public works sector are seeking to measure the carbon footprint of their equipment, including rental equipment", explains Baptiste Perard, General Director of Comptoir de Location. On the other hand, the company also wants greater transparency and better monitoring of its day-to-day operations. This situation called for a solution that was both technological and collaborative, especially in a sector where environmental impact is becoming a key performance criteria.


Given these challenges, CDL has adopted Hiboo to ensure accurate equipment data collection and analysis, providing full visibility over the operational performance and carbon footprint of its fleet. Furthermore, Hiboo's ability to facilitate sharing of carbon emissions data was a key opportunity for CDL to strengthen both transparency and commitment to its customers. By providing direct access to CO₂ emissions data, CDL meets customers' needs by providing them with the means to understand and accurately measure the carbon impact of the equipment they own as well as that which they rent.

“With Hiboo, sharing our data turns into a powerful lever: not only do we refine our own carbon footprint, but we also give our customers the means to control theirs"
Baptiste Perard, General Director of Comptoir de Location

At the same time, this collaboration is the starting point for the ongoing digitization of CDL's operations, intended to further improve asset management, material dispatch and billing.


Data-sharing to address the urgent sustainability issue

100% of CDL's connected equipment, i.e. 5,000 assets, transmit data that Hiboo enables them to process. Usage, idling, consumption, engine anomaly and, above all, CO₂ emissions data are key information for both CDL and its customers. In working with Hiboo, CDL has achieved two important objectives: accurately measuring the carbon footprint of its fleet and giving this same opportunity to its customers. Thanks to "Sharing", a data-sharing functionality offered by Hiboo, CDL can now provide its customers with detailed information on the CO₂ emissions of the engines, facilitating informed decision-making and setting up of measures to reduce emissions.

Moving to real time billing

Adopting the Hiboo solution has improved billing accuracy at CDL. This greater transparency about equipment use means that billing is now based on actual machine use, and helps to reduce complaints, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

"By integrating hourmeter data, we have been able to fine-tune our billing to accurately reflect customer usage. This step towards transparency has not only strengthened trust with our customers, but has also enhanced the value of our fleet's actual use.”
Victor Perard, CFO of Comptoir de Location

Improving equipment dispatch and security

The rollout of Hiboo has played a key role in optimizing CDL's operational processes, in particular through centralized geolocation data, which makes it possible to know the exact position of equipment, so as to allocate them more efficiently to different worksites and meet delivery deadlines. Linked to geofencing technology, geolocation data also contributes to reinforcing the safety of CDL's fleet, through alerts issued when a vehicle is detected moving outside the defined zones.

“It's important for a rental company like ours to be able to quickly locate its equipment and take action to prevent theft. This enables us not only to protect our assets, but also to ensure our customers' peace of mind."
Victor Perard, CFO of Comptoir de Location

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