The BREMAT network's dual challenge: sustainability and agility with Hiboo

How Hiboo is helping the Bremat network to meet its customers' environmental requirements while improving the management of its multi-brand equipment fleet.
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The Bremat network faces a dual challenge. On the one hand, this network of geographically distinct SMEs is at the heart of an inevitable environmental dynamic. Its customers, mainly road and public works companies, are required to meet their carbon reduction obligations in the face of climate change, and therefore expect their suppliers to make firm commitments in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Bremat wants to be ahead of the game and demonstrate its environmental commitments in order to win its contractual agreements. In addition, Bremat's core business is managing day-to-day emergency situations. Hiring equipment with a driver is a daily or even half-day business. With its large fleet of equipment spread over different sites, sectors and entities, the company needed a simple and effective tool to gain visibility, manage the unexpected and offer a high level of adaptability to its customers.

"Our customers are increasingly demanding transparency and responsibility in terms of our environmental commitments. We were looking for a tool that would enable us to develop the skills of our teams in this regard, while adapting to the urgent and dynamic nature of our sector. "
Karine Beuzit-Meesseman, Managing Director of the Bremat network


The Bremat network's interest in Hiboo was first revealed at the Bauma 2022 show, mainly for the functionality to measure CO₂ emissions from multi-brand equipment, a criteria aligned with their CSR commitments. Today, Hiboo serves as a single platform that centralises the data generated by the connected equipment of the various entities. The ease of use and ergonomics of the Hiboo platform were also decisive factors for this network of 350 collaborators. Having a platform that was intuitive and easy to use was a key prerequisite, says Karine Beuzit-Meesseman.

"With Hiboo, I have all my equipment, trucks and light vehicles in front of me on a single platform. I can quickly see where the equipment is, and in which company or sector. It's very simple and practical! "
Maxime Hysbergue, Operations Manager, Planing and Hire, Bremat network


After just three months of using the Hiboo platform, Karine Beuzit-Meesseman and Maxime Hysbergue are already seeing significant results.

Data centralisation: unified and accessible

The Bremat network currently operates five data sources - Caterpillar, Wirtgen, Bomag, Trackunit and Webfleet - covering 275 equipment across 10 entities, all centralised and accessible on the Hiboo platform. According to Karine Beuzit-Meesseman, each entity may have a different use for the platform, but the aim is to encourage productive comparison and natural emulation between the different entities in order to share and adopt best practice.

CO₂ emissions: measured and analysed

By centralising the data generated by its heavy equipment, trucks and light vehicles on Hiboo, the Bremat network now has a tool to visualise and understand the energy impact of its equipment. This enables the network's operatives to gain a better understanding of the CO₂ data, and to learn how to use it so that they can ultimately take action to reduce their carbon footprint. Through this approach, the Bremat network aims to be prepared and competitive in an environment that is increasingly aware of its environmental impact.

"The simple fact of accessing CO₂ emissions data from our equipment is an essential first step in training our teams and working together to reduce our impact - an essential aspect of meeting our customers' expectations. "
Karine Beuzit-Meesseman, Managing Director of the Bremat network

Optimisation opportunities: exploring beyond the initial objective

Access to equipment data has opened up new avenues for improvement for the Bremat network beyond the initial objective of capturing CO₂ emissions. The data collected has revealed opportunities for optimising operations, planning and purchasing strategy.

Optimising planning and effectively managing emergencies
: with Hiboo, the Bremat network is already using equipment data to improve its planning management. Thanks to geolocation data and route tracking, network collaborators can quickly see where their equipment is located, facilitating planning and emergency replacement. The same data can also be used to justify certain trips, helping to optimise overall activity.
Data-driven purchasing strategy: the Bremat network also uses equipment data to inform its purchasing strategy. Consumption data by brand and type of equipment provided by Hiboo enables Bremat to adjust its purchases and better compare equipment suppliers. This is particularly relevant for multi-brand equipment, where data analysis helps to determine the best balance between efficiency and consumption.

Access to data on equipment of various types in the Bremat network offers much more than knowledge of CO₂ emissions. It opens the way to new prospects for optimisation and continuous improvement. Equipment data has become a real strategic lever for the network.

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