New updates and improvements to Hiboo.

March 24, 2024

Filter Persistence

In our quest for simplicity and fluidity, we've improved the report usage experience by saving the filters applied to them. As you navigate between reports, filters and periods are preserved, eliminating the need to reapply them each time. For even greater fluidity, the period of the analysed report is directly applied to the equipment profile page opened from it.

  • Analyze a section of your fleet from multiple angles: quickly switch from the Idle Rate report to the Usage Hours report deepening your analysis without wasting time.
  • Zoom from a “fleet” view to an “equipment” view: quickly understand which equipment had a significant impact on fleet performance and the reasons for this impact. For instance, you may discover that anomalies have reduced usage duration in a day.

You can now keep the filters applied to reports visible, so you never lose sight of the part of your fleet under analysis. If you move from a report to another page in Hiboo, your filters will be lost.

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