New updates and improvements to Hiboo.

February 24, 2024

Polishing and Look Up

In recent weeks, we've made several improvements to our reports, some subtle and some more significant, including two main features:

  • The look up: the ability to zoom in on a data point to display the list of machines that contributed to it.
  • The display, in the tooltip, of the number of machines taken into account, and the number of machines that were present during the period (and which meet your filters).

Look up, the list of equipment on the charts

Until now, reports provided an aggregated view of your data. Now, you can zoom in on one of these aggregated points to get the list of contributing machines. In just two clicks, you move from identifying a problem with your fleet (such as a high idle rate over a week) to the list of machines and their individual idle rates. This allows you to prioritize which machines to focus on, for example:

  • Identifying machines that have had performance issues over a period.
  • Identifying the list of machines that operated on a day they shouldn’t have.

Displaying the number of machines taken into account

Using data also means being able to assess how representative it is of your fleet at a given time. Now, you have access to this information when you hover over a data point! How does it work?

  • We display the number of machines taken into account in a data point (for example, a point on a chart).
  • We display the number of machines from your workspace present in the inventory for that period.

Only machines that have reported the metric presented in the report and were present during the visualized period are considered.

News and bug fixes