John Deere

How to collect your data in 3 steps

Use Hiboo’s platform to connect to your equipment in just a few clicks

1. Get your API credentials

You can retrieve your API credentials on the manufacturer’s platform or through your dealership

How to get your API login information?

Specifics for

John Deere AEMP 2.0

Get your API credentials from

  1. Sign in or create your account on Hiboo's platform
  2. Select John Deere from the catalog and click on Connect
  3. Once you click on Connect, you will be redirected to the John Deere login page
  4. Enter your credentials. The page will then close automatically.
  5. Log back in to the John Deere platform.
  6. Select JDLink from the sidebar.
  7. A new page will open, select Configuration, then Connections.
  8. Search for Hiboo in the search bar.
  9. Finally, click on Connect.
  10. The link between John Deere and Hiboo is now established and your machines will automatically be reported in Hiboo.

If not, contact the Hiboo team at

Structure of credentials

Your John Deere AEMP 2.0 API credentials are structured like this:

  • Oauth token : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Oauth token secret : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2. Enter your credentials on Hiboo’s platform

Enter your credentials on and click on connect

3. That’s it! Now just configure your inventory

In a few minutes, your equipment data will be visible on Hiboo’s platform

Integrate with Hiboo API

Feed your software with dynamic and reliable equipment data

Hiboo's API is your one-stop solution for equipment data, operations, and maintenance. Access real-time and historical equipment data, ranging from daily usages to fault codes, with our easy-to-use endpoints. To know more, contact us or delve deeper with our detailed API documentation.

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“With Hiboo, sharing our data turns into a powerful lever: not only do we refine our own carbon footprint, but we also give our customers the means to control theirs"
Baptiste Perard, General Director of Comptoir de Location

Baptiste Perard, General Director of Comptoir de Location

"Our customers are increasingly demanding transparency and responsibility in terms of our environmental commitments. We were looking for a tool that would enable us to develop the skills of our teams in this regard, while adapting to the urgent and dynamic nature of our sector. "
Karine Beuzit-Meesseman, Managing Director of the Bremat network

Karine Beuzit-Meesseman, Managing Director of the Bremat network